Ordering & Terms of Sale

Purchases from VDM Biochemicals can be made online via our website, by fax 1-440-786-9410
or e-mailing your orders to sales@vdmbio.com.

1. Register Online

First time buyers need to complete a new account application with VDM Biochemicals. You can apply online by clicking on the create account button on the toolbar on the top of this screen. Alternately, you can use the link below to download a copy of the form. After completing it you can either e-mail it to us at sales@vdmbio.com (preferred) or fax it to us at 1-440-786-9410.

Download New Account Application (PDF file)
VDM Biochemicals will approve your account within 24 hours and e-mail you the account number and login details. Once registered, you can start buying products from VDM Biochemicals using your online payment gateway. 
Returning (existing) customers can directly proceed to purchase a product after logging into their accounts.

2. Add Products to your Shopping Cart

Products to be purchased must be added to the shopping cart and then checked out for purchase via the payment gateway. You must log into your account to add products to your shopping cart. A product can be added to the shopping cart in the following ways: 

Search for a product by typing in the CAS number, name or catalog number of the product in the Search Bar on the top of the screen.

Products displayed as search results can be added to the cart directly by clicking on the "Add to Cart" icon under the product name.

Through Inquiry - send an e-mail to sales@vdmbio.com for a product not in stock/not found on the website. VDM Biochemicals will populate the shopping cart and notify you when the product becomes available. You can then go to the shopping cart and check out the product for purchase. 

3. Check Out

Items added to the shopping cart can be checked out for purchase by clicking on the "checkout" icon under the shopping cart on the right hand column. If you have not logged in or registered, you will be asked to log in before you can view your shopping cart and checkout. Confirm your order, check for your billing and shipping address as well as your payment option, and submit your order.

4. Online Payment Options

We accept all credit cards for online purchases.  

5. Confirmation of Order

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order. The e-mail will summarize the details of the order placed and the payment due for the purchase. Shipment details will be sent out in a separate e-mail (please refer to the section on shipping policy).

5.Placing an Order by Fax, E-mail or Mail

VDM Biochemicals accepts orders placed by e-mail to sales@vdmbio.com, fax 1-440-786-9410 or regular mail. To purchase, please submit a signed, dated purchase order form (PO). Orders become legally binding only upon the receipt of written confirmation, or upon receipt of the commodity and associated invoice. Please mention your account number (which is located on all invoices and packing lists) when placing an order by any of the above methods.

Please provide the following information with your order: 

1. Your Name, Telephone, E-mail address and Fax number.

2. Purchase Order Number.

3. Institution/Company Name and Attention Line.

4. Shipping Address.

5. Billing Address.

6. Product Catalog Number, Description and Quantity.

6.Prices and Payments

At placement of order by fax, e-mail, or mail, we will confirm our price. We reserve the right to increase the prices due to increases in our costs, however material will not be shipped at an increased price without your authorization. Payment shall be due thirty (30) days from the date of invoice. Discounts are available for orders of large quantity. 

7.Shipping and Packaging

All orders will be shipped as instructed at time of order; preferably by express service. Best method of shipment will be used based on package size, weight, content and destination in accordance with D.O.T. regulations. Special or hazardous shipments may incur additional charges for packaging. Shipping costs and special packaging (shipment on blue ice/dry ice) are prepaid and are added to the invoice. Please inspect goods upon receipt and notify us of defects or shortage within five days, and quality complaints within 30 days.

Stated dates of delivery and deadlines for services shall only be binding if confirmed in writing by VDM Biochemicals. VDM Biochemicals reserves the right to rescind delivery or delivery deadlines in case of circumstances beyond VDM Biochemicals’s control, including but not limited to, situations and conditions for which customs, the customer, or the supplier of starting material is responsible.

8.Product Availability
It is always our endeavor to ensure a continuous supply of our products. However, there can be instances when circumstances may force us to discontinue supply or we may temporarily run out of a product. Customers will be notified immediately for such products and, if applicable, items will be put on backorder. You will then receive regular updates as to the current status of your order with estimated future availability. 
Please contact us at sales@vdmbio.com for information on product availability.


No returns can be accepted without prior approval by us. We must be notified within 5 days of receipt and quality complaints within 30 days. If the product does not conform to the specifications promised, we will replace the item at no cost to you if you can provide adequate documentation to support your claim. If the replacement still does not conform to the specifications promised we will refund you the complete cost of the material. All shipping costs and a 15% handling fee will be paid by you. Product must be received by us within 10 days after return has been authorized. In certain cases such as a return of dated products or shipments involving special handling, an additional fee may be required. No return of custom products will be authorized if product meets specifications agreed upon prior to shipment. 

10.Terms of Sale

All products are sold for laboratory research use only and not to be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to; drug, food, food additive, cosmetics or clinical use in humans, unless otherwise stated on our product labels or in literature supplied to the buyer. All products sold by VDM Biochemicals are subject to Terms and Conditions of Sale of VDM Biochemicals (for more information, please refer to Terms and Conditions section).