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Candesartan (CAS 139481-59-7)

Product specification

Formula: C24H20N6O3
MW: 440.45
Purity: >98%
Appearance: White solid
Solubility: 100 mM in DMSO and to 10 mM in ethanol with gentle warming
Storage: RT
CAS Number: 139481-59-7
Synonyms: CV 11974, Blopress, Atacand, Amias, Ratacand
Cat.number: VD-TMR-0003

Product Description

Candesartan (CAS 139481-59-7) is an Angiotensin II receptor 1 (AT1) antagonist (IC50 values are 1.12 and 2.86 nM in bovine adrenal cortex and rabbit aorta, respectively). Exhibits antihypertensive effects in animal models.

Product References
1. Shibouta et al (1993) J.Pharmacol.Exp.Ther. 266 114.