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2-Methylserotonin maleate (CAS 78263-91-9)

Product specification

Formula: C11H14N2O · C4H4O4
MW: 306.31
Purity: >95%
Appearance: White to Brown powder
Solubility: 50 mM in water.
Storage: +2°C to +8°C.
CAS Number: 78263-91-9
Synonyms: 2-Me-5-HT maleate, 2-Methyl-5-HT maleate
Cat.number: VD-NP-0127

Product Description

2-Methylserotonin maleate (CAS 78263-91-9) is a selective full agonist at the 5-HT3 receptor.

Product References
1. Hong-Nian Liu et. al PLoS ONE, 6(9), e24928 (2011).
2. Teruyuki Fukushima et. al Journal of Neurophysiology, 102(3), 1459-1471 (2009).

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