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γ-Secretase Inhibitor III

Product specification

Formula: C20H30N2O4
MW: 362.5
Purity: ≥95%.
Appearance: Off-white solid.
Solubility: DMSO.
Storage: -20°C. Hygrocopic.
CAS Number: Not available.
Synonyms: N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-Leu-leucinal; Z-LL-CHO
Cat.number: VD-PI-0014

Product Description

γ-Secretase Inhibitor III is a cell-permeable, reversible inhibitor of  γ--secretase that reduces the formation of both Aβ total (IC50 ~ 35 µM) and Aβ1-42 using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cultures stably transfected with Amyloid Precursor Protein-751. Reported to be nontoxic and specific for  γ--secretase. Also reported to inhibit calpain (IC50 = 3 µM).

Product References
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