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VD-AIH-0276-0010-10g 800 USD
VD-AIH-0276-0050-50g 3500 USD


Product specification

Formula: C12H7Br2N
MW: 325
Purity: 97%
Appearance: White to brown powder
Storage: Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
CAS Number: 6825-20-3
Synonyms: 3,6-dibromo-9H-carbazole
Cat.number: VD-AIH-0276

Product Description

A cell-permeable dibromocarbazolo-piperazinyl derivative that displays anti-apoptotic properties. Effectively blocks Bid-induced cyctochrome c release from HeLa cell mitochondria (~80% inhibition at 5 µM) by inhibiting Bax channel-forming activity (IC50 = 520 nM in a liposome channel assay). 

Product References
Synthesis of 3,6-dibromocarbazole, Yu. N. Polivin, R. A. Karakhanov, V. I. Kelarev, A. A. Bratkov, B. I. Ugrak, G. Kh. Anashkin and M. E. Panina.
Beil. 20,439.