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Product specification

Formula: C11H14N3O5P
MW: 299.22
Purity: ≥95%
Appearance: White to yellow powder
Storage: Longterm storage temperature: -20 ± 5 °C
CAS Number: 165534-43-0
Synonyms: 3-(Diethoxyphosphoryloxy)-1,2,3-benzotriazin-4(3H)-one;
Chemical name: diethyl 4-oxobenzo[d]
[1,2,3]triazin-3(4H)-yl phosphate
Cat.number: VD-Ant-0343

Product Description

This new crystalline phosphate reagent mediates amide bond formation with a remarkable resistance to racemization. Thus, DEPBT is an excellent activation reagent for coupling the racemization-prone Fmoc-His(Trt)-OH. The use of DEPBT permitted the total synthesis of the antiviral peptide antibiotic feglymycin, which contains a high proportion of ring-substituted phenylglycines.

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