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Annexin A5

Reacts specifically with human Annexin A5. Does not cross-react with Annexins A1, A2, A3, A4, A6, A7 or A8 in ELISA. Does not react with monkey or rat Annexin A5 in an ELISA.

Ig Isotype:
Mouse lgG1

Recombinant human Annexin A5

100 μg/mL antibody purified by Protein G chromatography.

Store at 4oC. Do not freeze.

Applications and Suggested Dilutions:
ELISA: Use 1 μg/mL.
Immunofluorescence: (Paraformaldehydefixed cells) - Use 10-25 μg/mL.
Immunoprecipitation: Use at 10 μg/mL.
Immunohistochemistry: (Frozen sections)-Use 10 μg/ml. (Formaldehyde-fixed, paraffinembedded tissue sections)- Use 25 μg/mL; cut 6 μm sections, adhere to glass slides that are pre-treated with 2% amino-propyl-triethoxysilan (in 100% ethanol) and 0.2% BSA. Heat sections for 15 min. at 100°C in citrate buffer (10 mM tri-sodium citrate, pH 6.0). Sections further processed according to routine procedures. The optimal dilution for a specific application should be determined by the researcher.

For in vitro research use only. Not for use in diagnostics or in humans.

No warranties, expressed or implied, are made regarding the use of this product. VDM Biochemicals is not liable for any damage, personal injury, or economic loss caused by this product.