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Product specification

Formula: C29H41N7O12
MW: 679.7
Purity: >98% (HPLC)
Appearance: White to off white powder. Lyophilized
Solubility: DMSO (100mM). Dilute with distilled water or buffer.
Storage: −20°C
CAS Number: N/A
Synonyms: Caspase-2 substrate (chromogenic)
Cat.number: VD-NP-0059

Product Description

Ac-VDVAD-pNA is a chromogenic substrate for caspase-2. Preferred substrate for caspase-2 (Km=53μM).

Product References
1. R.V.Talanian,et al.; J.Biol.Chem.272,9677 (1997).