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Tyrphostin B44, (-) enantiomer (CAS 133550-32-0)

Product specification

Formula: C18H16N2O3
MW: 308.33
Purity: ≥98% by HPLC
Appearance: Yellow solid
Solubility: 30 mM in DMSO or EtOH
Storage: -20°C. Protect from light.
CAS Number: 133550-32-0
Synonyms: AG 527
Cat.number: VD-IS-0051

Product Description

Tyrphostin B44, (-) enantiomer (CAS 133550-32-0) is a potent inhibitor of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) kinase (IC50=0.4 μM), more active than the (+) enantiomer. Selective over ErbB2.

Product References
1. Gazit et al (1991) J.Med.Chem. 34 1896.