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Product specification

Formula: C3H6N2O2
MW: 102.09
Purity: ≥95%
Appearance: White to pale yellow cryst. powder
Solubility: H2O
Storage: Longterm storage temperature: -20 ± 5 °C
CAS Number: 68-41-7
Synonyms: (R)-4-Aminoisoxazalidin-3-one;
Cat.number: VD-Ant-0339

Product Description

Originally, D-cycloserine has been used as an antibiotic in the treatment of tuberculosis. More recently, it has found application in treating anxiety disorders (see the review by S.G.Hofmann et al.). Acting as a partial agonist of the NMDA receptor, the compound reduces neuropathic pain.

Product References
S.G.Hofmann et al., CNS Drug Rev., 12, 208 (2006).
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